Regiona VIII tournament bids


2020 TCA Region VIII Scholastic

Championship Tournament

will be held at

Veteran's Memorial Academy

in San Benito


February 1st & 2nd of 2020.

(A correction has been made

to this flyer for the HS JV section

which should be

listed as Under 1000).

Please note that

the Official USCF ratings for January 2020

will be used for this tournament.

See you at the boards!

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2019 - 2020 Next Scheduled Tournament

The next
Region VIII tournament
is scheduled
January 18, 2020
Los Fresnos.

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St Jude's








OCTOBER 12, 2019

A 4 round event with 8 sections:5 rated sections

All profits from this event will be awarded to St Jude’s hospital.



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TCA All Girls' State Championship

2019 TCA All Girls' State Championship

Please get the word out to all that the

upcoming TCA Girls State Championship

will be held at

South Texas Academy for Medical Professions in Olmito.

The tournament date is Saturday, October 5th.

UTRGV will be awarding a $3,000.00 scholarship

to the top High School player.

Let's get as many girls to participate as possible.


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Ethics & cheating.

I would like to take a moment of everyone's time to highlight the conduct and ethics expected from players, coaches, sponsors and parents at all USCF sanctioned chess tournaments.

This information should be common sense but I feel the need to repeat it for everyone's benefit.

At a recent, Valley tournament there was an incident which brings this subject to the forefront.  An attempt was made to prearrange a draw result before an important title game was to be played.  The result would help determine whether or not players would qualify for a lucrative prize.  The arrangement was attempted by a coach and NOT the players.

This is what the USCF Rule Book - 5th edition, has to say:

14B6.  Premature or Prearranged draws. It is unethical and unsporting to agree to a draw before a serious contest has begun.  The same is true of all arrangements to prearrange game results.  In case of clear violations of the moral principles of the game, penalties should be imposed at the director's discretion.  See also 20L.  Manipulating results.
20L Manipulating Results. Collusion to fix or throw games, whether before or during the game, in order to manipulate prize money, title norms, ratings, or for any other purpose is illegal and may result in severe sanctions, including revocation of USCF membership.  Such agreements include arrangements to split prize money no matter what the result of the game.  See also Chapter 6, USCF Code of Ethics.
(Excerpt borrowed from USCF & Clatskanie Chess Club site).

In closing, I am asking that each of us take the time to be sure to provide the opportunity to practice good sportsmanship, fair play, ethical conduct and respect for each other during these events.

Sportsmanship, integrity and honor are an important part of the game.

See you at the tournaments!

For more information click USCF Code Of Ethics.

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