2017 South State Scholastic Championships.

Please note the web site for the

2017 Texas State Scholastic Championships - South

Tournament Results:

K-1 & Primary Divisions - Player Standings
K-1 & Primary Divisions - Team Standings

Elementary Divisions - Player Standings
Elementary Divisions - Team Standings

Middle & High Schools - Player Standings
Middle & High Schools - Team Standings

Thank you, UTRGV, for organizing and
hosting this event for South Texas.

Congratulations to all participants and
their teams and good luck to those of you
who will be attending Nationals!
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2016 - 2017 Next Scheduled Tournament

The next scheduled
Region VIII tournament
will be

Episcopal Day School
April 1, 2017.

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Lakshmana "Vish" Viswanath (our previous TCA President)
is running for a position on the USCF Board.

So...Calling all USCF members!

There is an election to the USCF Board.

However in order to vote you need to be:

1. A member, who must be age 16 or older as of June 30 of the election year 2017.

2. You have to register to vote before May 1, 2017 ...go to this site to check the status or register.
https://secure2.uschess.org/voter-registration.php Thank you for your support.
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IM tournament.

2017 UTRGV Spring Break

IM-norm Tournament

System of play: Round robin, 10 participants

Location: UTRGV Campus in Brownsville

Cortez building, room 118

Dates: March 13-19, 2017

Website: www.utrgv.edu/chess
Contact information: Bartek Macieja -email-
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Coach's Poem

A Poem of Appreciation for all chess coaches everywhere:

Chess Coach Poem

Here we begin a boisterous day,

With a team full of students
leading the way.

A pawn, a rook, and bishop too,

Stalemates and wins is what we aim to do!

With chess sets, pencils, and note pads in tow,

Each round gives us hope,

As we add the top four.

Achievements, goals, and expectations are met,

This is a great ride we will not soon forget!

As our team goes on in keeping the pace,

We will overcome and finish this race!

Author:  L. M. Gonzales (1/21/2017)

Many thanks to Lisa, my first chess sponsor, for this poem!

Download a copy!
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Region VIII Scholastic Championships

Results for the
2017 TCA Region VIII
Scholastic Chess


Los Fresnos United

Individual Standings
Teams Standings

Tournament Web Site

Many thanks to all schools who participated.
Congratulations to the teams and players.

Hope to see everyone at State!!!!!

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 MOVED 2016 - 2017 schedule MOVED
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 2016 TCA Region VIII Tournament
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